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How to Enable two Authentication for Yahoo

Yahoo's two-step verification will only trigger the first time you use your computer or device, unless you've cleared your browser's cache. The first time you try to log in to your existing Yahoo account from a new device, the website sends a text message to your cell phone, containing a code like “263548.” You must use that code, in combination with your password, in order to access your account.

1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account and go to your Account Info page. This page can be found under the user icon in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Once you are in your Account info page, click Account Security.

3. If it isn’t enabled, click the button to turn on Two-Step Verification.

4. Enter your mobile number if there isn’t one associated with your account and click Send SMS or Call Me, depending on your preference.

6. You’ll receive a call or text with a code to enter in the verification code field. Once you’ve entered the code, click Verify. Success!


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